oh hello, I'm Ronnie Lordi

Ronnie is a comedian, writer, and podcaster who has his debut comedy special coming out on Amazon Prime this fall. He has been featured in the New York Post, The InterroBang, Buzzfeed, and has been seen on MTV, Comedy Central, and Funny or Die. His album "Back Pocket" topped both the iTunes and Spotify charts.

If you don't recognize Ronnie from one of those respected media outlets you might recall his treasured college basketball career
where he totaled 4 career points. Still no? Well, he went on many cruises growing up so you most likely met him there, in the soft serve line.

Ronnie is also the creator of  “Live at the Barbershop” a comedy show that takes place in the East Village in NYC. More commonly known as "Barbershop" the show has become one of the top stages in NYC and has over 600 consecutive sell out shows. The show takes place every Friday and Saturday in a real NYC Barbershop and features Ronnie and his friends who happen to be heaviest hitters in comedy. Ronnie also is the host of the show BNDWGN on the GSE network. We're running out of room. This is it for now. See you soon!!

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